The Group agreed a new Constitution at the Annual General Meeting on the 22 February 2017, to view a copy of the Constitution document click here.

The group are committed to the safety of all the members who attend each session.  On arrival each member must 'sign in' at the registration desk, once a member is signed in at the start of a session they are requested not to leave until the end of the session and to sign out before they actually leave.

During the actual session the members behaviour is 'governed' by a simple set of rules.

After several weeks of operating, the young people attending the weekly sessions when the club was first formed determined that the Group should have a set of rules governing how members must behave when they attended sessions.

The following week's session was given over to the members splitting into smaller groups and constructing a set of rules that was then agreed by the full meeting.

These are our Rules.

The rules and the consequences were all proposed by young members of the group.


Treat other members, helpers and visitors with respect, no throwing things at each other.

Respect each other, each others play and each others belongings.

No riding bikes or scooters in the school grounds.

Treat the equipment with respect, do not mistreat it, use it properly.

No playing or messing about in the toilets.

Keep the school area tidy, no rubbish on the floor.

No stealing, smoking, pushing, swearing, spitting or throwing drinks.

Don’t be disrespectful to helpers or be really, really silly.

No bullying

No stealing

No fighting

No rudeness

No name calling

Don’t be cheeky to the staff

In the event that a member breaks any of the rules, they will, at the sole discretion of the elected chairman of the Group, or his designated representative, be required to leave the meeting of the club.  The responsible adult will be contacted and advised of the exclusion and requested to collect the individual member immediately.  Having been excluded the member will, for a first exclusion, be banned from the following meeting.  In the event of a further offence then the subsequent ban will increase by one week for each subsequent rule break within a six month period from the date of the most recent exclusion.

We trust that all parents/guardians will support the adherence to the rules and the signing in/out procedure, all of which are designed to minimise risk to the members.

Willington Action Group