Willington Action Group

The group have been fortunate to receive support and assistance from a large number of individuals, groups and organisations.  Without this support the group would not have been able to start, and continue, to operate.

We would like to record our thanks to the following individuals, groups and organisations.

The Old School Trust, the trust allowed the group to operate for the first year without paying any rent and have provided the hall at a reduced rate after this time.

Graham Astle, (GPA Technologies) Graham provided the group with a web site and hosting service for the first five years of our operation, at no charge.

Safer Neighbourhood Group, the Safer Neighbourhood Group have provided financial support for the Group that has enabled us to purchase equipment and to employ professional staff to teach the members specific skills at the weekly meetings.

South Derbyshire District Council, the Village Games team provided invaluable assistance during the formation of the Group and has, in subsequent years provided funding for various projects that the Group have undertaken.

Derbyshire County Council.

Derbyshire Police - the forces OzBox team provided sessions for some of the older members of the group for a number of weeks.

Willington Parish Council

Hilton Youth Group.

Details of additional supporters will be added in the near future.